Tracking down security flaws

At Flawtrack, we specialize in offensive cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence. Our expert ethical hackers use advanced technology to identify and address security vulnerabilities.


Advanced security
for a complex world

Cyber Threat Intelligence

We offer expert Cyber Threat Intelligence specialists for a human-driven, cost-effective approach, delivering custom intelligence and Dark/Deep Web monitoring to support your decisions.

 Extended Security Team

Our advanced security service continuously identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities, integrating seamlessly with your development lifecycle for ongoing assessment and support.

Penetration Testing

We provide thorough Penetration Testing and Application Security services to identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection for your organization.

Brand Protection

Using cutting-edge technologies and intelligent algorithms, we deploy crawlers to scan and analyze websites, uncovering potential threats and frauds for proactive brand protection.

Red Teaming

Flawtrack’s Red Team as a Service simulates real-world attacks on your company assets, helping identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses.

Cybersecurity Training

Our comprehensive Cyber Security Training covers technical skills and awareness, equipping your team to identify and mitigate cyber threats, ensuring your organization’s security.


Get Your Security Assessment Report in 48 Hours.

Experience our rapid and reliable service with a Security Assessment Report delivered in just 48 hours. Our expert team will identify vulnerabilities and provide actionable insights to enhance your organization’s security.

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Top 100

On Bug Bounty Platforms


Companies Secured


Secured Assets


Secured Human

Securing The Planet

Recognized among the Top 100 on Bug Bounty Platforms and acknowledged in more than 500 Hall of Fames, we have secured millions of assets and protected half a billion individuals.
Our commitment to excellence in cybersecurity is demonstrated through our continuous efforts in securing the digital landscape.


Certified Professionals

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals, each holding globally recognized certifications.

and many more..


Our team got acknowledged by
hundreds of top leading companies in the world

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Innovative Cybersecurity Products

We offer innovative products, including our own Dark Web and brand monitoring solution (Threat Intel), as well as automated security assessment tools to ensure comprehensive protection for your organization.


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